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Why did Ted Bundy Help to catch the Green River Killer?

The Search for the Green River Killer: The True Story of America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer

Why did Ted Bundy help to catch the Green River killer?

About the authors:

Steven Carlton Smith: was a crime reporter and a real crime author. He has written several books in the actual crime genre. Smith was born on December 11, 1946. Sadly he passed away in Reno at the age of only 64 years

Tomás Guillén: is a professor a journalist and an author. Mr. Guillén has three adult daughters. He and his wife live  in Wahington State


The Search for the Green River Killer: The True Story of America´s Most Prolific Serial Killer got released in an audible edition on April 9, 2019. The authors have placed more books inside the main text. And thereby they go through the events that happened by the years.

This writing is a summary of each part of the book

Review of book one the years between 1982-1983

During book one from 1982-1983, the authors take us on a deep dive into how the first victims get found in the Green River. And we get to know how more and more bodies of young women show up in the River. This book tells what a lot of other books doesn´t – the authors look closely at each victim. And I know you as readers like books where the victims get mentioned. And they are in the book The Search for the Green River Killer: The True Story of America´s Most Prolific Serial Killer.

Summary of the book through the years between 1984-1986

Book two takes us through the year 1984-1986 here we lean how policewomen dressed as prostitutes in the hope to catch the Green River killer. We receive information about the handling of the media. And how the task force got a deeper understanding of prostitutes and their lives.

We get to know how a psychic woman was used in the hope to catch the killer. At one point the Zodiac became suspected as the Green River killer.

Summary of book three the years between 1986-1987

Book three is taking us through the years 1986-1987. In this section, we get knowledge of how people mistrusted the police during the search for the killer. And the trust in the police went even more downhill when a very well-liked commander in charge of the case died during diving.

Summary of book four the years between 1988-1990

Text four goes from the year 1988-1990 during the entire case pink glass particles had been a lead to the killer. At least that was what the police thought. But these particles turned out to be something very different, meaning the so-called particles were to no help solving the case at all.

Now let´s look at the entire book

We learn how serial killers effect beyond their victims. The police still had Ted Bundy on their minds, so he is mentioned frequently during the book.  And Why did Ted Bundy help to catch the Green River killer? I guess you are quite curious about this question. But you need to read the book to find the answer.

Any down sites to the text you might wonder? I bought the Audible edition else I will say the book is quite long. But if you like long reads you get something for your money with the paperback edition

In the end, the book reveals the name of the  Serial Killer; his name is Gary Ridgeway. And the authors provide us with a lot of information about him as a person and his personal life. Because of the details  about Ridgeway, the report gives us an idea of how he became the Green River Serial Killer and why it took so long before he got caught

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