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The Mindhunter vs The Killer across the table

The Killer Across the Table

The Mindhunter vs. The Killer across the table

In this book, The Mindhunter vs. The Killer across the table when John E Douglas shares with us his conversations with four less known killers.

John E Douglas

John E Douglas: was born June 18, 1945, in Brooklyn, New York. Mr. Douglas was in the United States Air Force from 1966-1970. Douglas joined the FBI in 1970. He has written several non-fiction books and a few fiction books. John and his co-author, Mark Olshaker, have written the famous book Mindhunter: Inside the FBI`S Elite Serial Crime Unit. The popular book has inspired Netflix to their TV series Mindhunter

Mark Olshaker

Mark Olshaker: was born on February 28, 1951, in Washington DC. Mr. Olshaker is the co-author of the book Inside the FBI`S Elite Serial Crime Unit. Mark is an author. And he has been co-authoring several non-fiction books and a fiction book with John E Douglas.


The killer Across the Table is one of many books the duo John E Douglas and Mark Olshaker has written together. When we hear the sentence John E Douglas the Mindhunter, most people with interest in real crime or TV series will know who is behind the name. Mark Olshaker is the less known co-author of the book, and I find it worth to mention. In this book, we experience how The Mindhunter vs. The Killer across the Table when we get knowledge about four killers. One of the killers is from newer time, and some of you might recognize his name, Todd Kohlhepp

Joseph McGowan

Joseph McGowan who in 1973 murdered 7-year-old Joan Angela D’Alessandro. Little Joan was a girl scout who wanted to sell the last cookies. Therefore, she went to the home of McGowan. John Douglas gives us deep insight into his conversation with Mr. McGowan. And thereby, we get an idea of how come McGowan ended up becoming a child killer. Please note when I mention how we might understand why Joseph and other killers turned out as they did, I never defend their crimes. I, like many other people, want to know why a person can become like this. Their acts are never justified in any shape or form.

Joseph Robert Kondro

Joseph Robert Kondro died in prison on May 3, 2012, at the age of 52. Mr. Kondro was serving a 55-year term for the 1996 murder of a 12-year.-old Girl. He admitted to an unsolved murder in 1985 of an 8-year-old girl. Joseph Kondro´s M.O. was different from what we know from other killers because Kondro knew the families of his victims. In The Killer Across the Table, you learn the chilling truth on how Kondro got the protecting safe code from one family. Besides we learn how he denied a specific assault because it didn´t fit his image of himself

Donald Harvey

Donald Harvey became infamous as an angel of death in the years between 1979-1987. Harvey found his victims amongst the elderly. But he didn´t hold back trying to hurt people he knew if they in any way disappointed him. Mr. Harvey had an interest in the occult like Satanism, Witchcraft, and Black magic. Besides, we learn how Mr. Harvey had several accidents with head injuries as a child. And we get to know how a family member began sexually abusing him when he was 4-years old and how an elderly neighbor also sexually abused him.

Todd Kohlhepp

Todd Kohlhepp is the killer of the once unsolved case called The Superbike murders. And he later turned out to become a serial killer. When a young couple disappeared, all eyes turned to Kohlhepp because of the pinging of his female victim’s phone to a cell tower near his property. Thereby the police discovered a hidden green metal shipping container containing Kala Brown, who was the female of the missing couple. Kohlhepp had chained Kala up inside the container and shot her boyfriend, Charlie Carver. Finding Kala alive became the downfall for Todd Kohlhepp as she had information on other victims he had killed. The victims were Johnny Coxy and Meagan McCrow. Thereby Kohlhepp was unmasked as the serial killer he had become


To sum up the book as a whole, I find it very interesting because the authors give us an in-depth insight into the minds of the four killers described in the book. Besides from the psychology behind the killings, Mr. Douglas tells about serial killer Ed Kemper to whom he is often referring. Especially because Kemper has an interest in knowing why he committed his murders. Todd Kohlhepp showed the same interest in getting to know why he turned out as a serial killer, and that made Mr. Douglas see some similarities between the two men.

In the book, Douglas discusses the occult, and he explains how his friend Kenneth Laning wrote about ritual child abuse and debunked the entire theory.

You might ask yourself why the title The Mindhunter vs. — the Killer across the Table. John E Douglas is known as The Mindhunter, but with The Killer across the table we get to see the man behind the alias more as John than as The Mindhunter, and I find that interesting.

It is fascinating how much psychological insight. The killer Across the Table is providing to the reader. This knowledge is precious, especially on my behalf as a life coach.

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