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The Deprived: Innocent On Death Row

The Deprived: Innocent On Death Row
Published: March 16, 2019

The Deprived: Innocent On Death Row

About the author:

Steffen Hou is a Danish author. Besides being an author, Mr. Hou is running a media company. Well, what more is there to tell about this author? I would instead link you to his page where he speaks about how he got into the true crime genre in the first place then look through his writing and pick out some spots. It´s not because I´m lacy, BUT this man is so humble it´s better for you as a reader to see “the man behind the book” for yourself.


The Deprived: Innocent On Death Row,  by Seffen Hou, is a fascinating read. While writing this review, I get goosebumps. It is chilling to learn that people get killed even though they are innocent.

Imagine being placed on death row and knowing you are innocent, but there is nothing you can do. In the book, we learn about people who admitted to crimes they didn´t commit. And how other inmates by lying pushed people under the bus to get some advantage themselves.

We learn about a mother who is against the death penalty even though her daughter was abducted and killed by a serial killer.

In The Deprived: Innocent on Death Row, Steffen Hou describes the lives of the wrongfully convicted so lively you feel you get to know those people. It has amazed me getting to know how forgiving those wrongfully convicted are. One would think people unfairly placed on death row would be angry towards the system. And in some cases against a person who have lied, so they ended on death row. But this is not the case. Even though the subject of this book is alerting a message of forgiveness and love to life and people gets trough.

No matter if you are against or for the death penalty this book will be an exciting and informative read

With his book, The Deprived: Innocent On Death Row, Seffen Hou gives a voice to the voiceless those people of whom we seldom hear.

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