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Sharon Tate the woman behind the fame

Sharon Tate and the Manson Murders

Sharon Tate, the woman behind the fame

Greg King

Greg King: was born on November 23, 1964. King became interested in history at an early age, especially late Imperial Russia and on social history. King has written several books on the subject and lately has turned his eyes on the Charles Manson murders and therefore has written the book Sharon Tate and the Manson Murders telling about Sharon Tate, the woman behind the fame


Sharon Tate, the woman behind the fame

I began as always reading the book with an open mind, but honestly, the author soon started to annoy me by repeating how beautiful and navie Sharon Tate was. I thought to myself no this is a no go I can´t handle these repetitions.

But suddenly Mr. King took a turn in his writing. And I couldn´t put the book down.

When thinking about the Manson Murders, we often tend to think we know everything. But do we? I don´t think so. There is so much more to the case than the names and the awful killings. Behind the horrific murders and all the names, there were people.

In Sharon Tate and the Manson Murders, we get to know how Sharon Tate, the woman behind the fame. We get an in-depth look into her life from birth to her all too soon death

While reading the book, we get a look at who her parents were not just by their names but as persons. Because Mr. King has an interest, in history, he gives us some fascinating facts about what happened in the world at the time.

We get to know how Sharon became a very depended and shy child.

Because Sharon’s father had a career in the army, the family had to move a lot. Therefore Sharon´s friendships with other children were temporary. One could say she didn´t have a stable family life while growing up.

The unstable life with shifting friends might be why Sharon build an armor of self-protection. Sharon was creative, but she wasn´t bookish, but she had a lot of self-control.

In Sharon Tate and the Manson Murders, Greg King reveals how Sharon got raped and that her mother didn´t mind Sharon dating much older men.

We learn how Sharon and her parents moved to Italy for a while because of her father’s career and later how the family returned to America

It is challenging to picture Sharon Tate, the woman behind the fame as having a fragmented personality like to book describes but in a psychologically perspective, we will acknowledge that.

Jay Sebring

We learn how Sharon Tate had an abusive relationship before she met Jay Sebring. Mr. Sebring introduced Sharon to drugs, and they did experiments with drugs together. Jay Sebring was in love with Sharon and would like to have married her, but as we know, it didn´t turn out like this.

The Occult

Most people following the Tate-LaBianca murders have heard about the rumors that all the people murdered in the Tate home had something to do with the occult.

The rumor might have begun when Sharon starred in the 1966 movie The Eye of the Devil

And the idea about the murders might have been ritualistic might be fueled even more because of the connection Sharon Tate had to Alex Sanders during the filming. Mr. Sanders was an English occultist and High Priest in the Pagan religion named Wicca

Roman Polanski

Roman Polanski was born on October 18, 1933, in Paris. Polanski grew up during the second world war, and he saw the Nazis take his mother.

In Sharon Tate and the Manson Murders, Greg King describes the life of Roman Polanski´s childhood his young adult year and later Polanski as an adult man.

When Polanski met Sharon, he wasn´t keen to have her in his movie in the beginning. Roman Polanski met Sharon Tate several times. On the other hand, Sharn though Polanski was a weirdo and she had said she would never work with him.

But as we all know Sharon began starring in Polanski´s movies and they later got married. I was quite shocked to learn the relationship between Roman and Sharon wasn´t as rosy as we all might have thought.

Polanski was a womanizer and Sharon wasn´t enough for him, so he saw other women on the sideline. Sharon knew Roman was unfaithful to her, but she accepted it. Later she wanted Polanski for herself and lived in the hope he would be faithful to her. But sadly he kept seeing other women even the night of the slayings.

Anton LaVey

Earlier I mentioned the murders in the Tate house was often thought about as occult and ritualistic killings. Therefore it´s essential to notice that when Roman Polanski picked an actor as the Devil for his movie Rosemary´s baby. Roman picked Anton LaVey who was the High Priest of the San Francisco based Church of Satan. With Anton LaVey starring in Rosemary’s baby, his church gained great publicity.

One of those young women flocking to the Church of Satan was named Susan Atkins. Twenty years later she stabbed Sharon Tate to death.

Charles Manson

When Greg King tells about Charles Manson´s life from birth and into adulthood, we learn how Manson started his infamous Manson Family.

The Process was the name of a cult-like Church in which Charles Manson had an interest. Besides, Charles Manson had contact with the occult. Thereby we can see how the idea of the Manson Murders being ritualistic keep showing up.

The book Sharon Tate and the Manson Murders provides us with knowledge into how Charlie got his first family member and how he later increased his amount of followers. One must say Mr. Manson was an excellent manipulator, and he knew how to makes his followers depended to him.

I´ve read before that Manson went to the Tate house to see “what his children had done.” I have heard a bit about how the bodies of Sharon and Jay was moved and later returned to almost the exact place where they died. But when learning about what Manson wanted to do to the bodies, there is no doubt he wanted to show the Tate home as a slaughterhouse.

Rosemary and Leno LaBianca

At first, we get some information about the couple to who they were and other interesting facts. And then Greg King takes us into the slaying of Rosemary and Leno LaBianca. It is very chilling getting to know how the Manson Family members took a shower after the slayings of Rosemary and Leno.


In the above-written review, I have given you a little insight into what you get if you read the book, Sharon Tate and the Manson murders without spoiling the reading experience for you.

The book is not leaving anything to our imagination. I was stunned to learn Roman Polanski didn´t want the baby Sharon was expecting. And how a Manson family member had tasted Sharon’s blood. Greg King walks us through everything. From how long Sharon´s baby lived after she passed away to how Roman Polanski couldn´t stand seeing her blow up because of her pregnancy. Besides we get information on how Polanski had sex with a minor in 1977 at the anniversary of Sharon´s murder and how he fled to Europe.

Sharon had two younger sisters. One of her sisters has passed away. Today Sharon´s sister Debra Tate fights on for Sharon and her memory.

When I turned the last page in this book, my view of Sharon Tate is no longer “just” a pretty face holding up baby clothes and smiling to the camera. I will forever picture Sharon as a woman who had a lot of struggles from an early age. She tried to live a happy life, living with the hope of fame little did she know that tragically after her death, she would rise to fame. Her life ended far too early in one of history´s most gruesome slayings.

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