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Rebecca Watts – Betrayed by her stepbrother

The Evil Within: Murdered by her stepbrother

The Evil Within

5 stars

Rebecca Watts – Betrayed by her stepbrother

The Evil Within: Murdered by her stepbrother

In The Evil Within, murdered by her stepbrother, we learn about 16-year-old Rebecca Watts, who was nicknamed Becky, and how she got betrayed by her stepbrother Nathan Matthews. Who murdered and dismembered her allegedly with the help of his wife, Shauna Hoare. The book got penned by Darren Galsworthy, who was Becky’s father. Mr. Galsworhy manages to share his anger and frustration; however, he conveys a bit of sunshine into the book every time he tells about his beloved daughter, Becky.


Book information

Title: The Evil Within Murdered by her stepbrother

Star rating: 5 stars

Genre: True Crime

Release date: November 3, 2016

Pages: 304 (hardcover length)

Price: Approximately $ 4.99 – 31.67

Note: The book price depends on where you buy it and the format of the book. Besides, the price might change after I’ve written this review.

Publisher: HarperElement

ISBN10: 0008179611

ISBN13: 978-0008179618

Authors: Darren Galsworthy


Darren Galsworthy: is the father of the murdered teenager Becky Watts. Mr. Galsorthy has authored the book The Evil Within murdered by her brother, telling about the life and awful murder of his beloved daughter Rebecca Watts, known by Becky’s nickname. 



Rebecca Watts – Betrayed by her stepbrother

The Evil Within: Murdered by her stepbrother


With the book The Evil Within Murdered by her stepbrother, you get heartbreaking information about how Rebecca Watts, who got nicknamed Becky, grew up with her brother Danny and her stepbrother Nathan Matthews. You learn how Becky was a little child and get to know about her struggles as she became a teenager. Besides, you get to know her brother and her stepbrother, as well as her mom and her stepmother; besides you, gain insight into who Becky’s father, Darren Galsworthy, is. A gripping tale about how a family gets destroyed.

Pros and cons


I seldom find a book where I flip site after site because the book is so gripping it’s almost impossible to put it down. However, The Evil Within, murdered by her stepbrother, made me walk right through each page because this book by Darren Galsworthy tells the tale about Becky and his family without filters. You can feel his joy as well as his agony. Mr. Galsworthy takes us through Becky’s entire life and the rest of his family; he seems like an open book. The Evil Within murdered by her stepbrother is an authentic but heartbreaking read with lots of emotions from the writer. Darren manages to take his readers through every detail of the murder and dismemberment of his darling daughter. 

The book provides us with pictures of Becky Watts and the rest of the family. The images give us readers an emotional connection to all the people involved; when seeing Becky and her family’s pictures, you can’t help getting the feeling that they were people you knew. Images like this give a special connection between the author, the involved people, and the reader.



I found it hard to find any cons in Evil Within murdered by her bother; however, if I had to point something out, it would be at the beginning where Darren tells about Becky’s stepmom; the wording became a bit too sugary sweet to my taste. While that is my opinion, it might not be yours.


The writing of The Evil Within murdered by her brother

When I look at the book The Evil Within murdered by her brother, the book is written with a good wording flow, making it a real page-turner. There is a lot of love and anger in the writing that makes sense in every aspect. This book is for all interested in the true crime genre, no matter if you are new in the real crime book community or you have been a real crime enthusiast for years.


I don’t use to write warnings when I do my reviews; however, I know some new people in the real crime book community might find it very hard reading a graphic book. Therefore please be warned The Evil within murdered by her stepbrother is vivid in Becky’s murder and dismemberment. Hence this book might not be for you if you are faint at heart. Finally, I can reveal that the book does not include any graphic pictures. Therefore please be aware of what you let yourself into if you decide to read this book.

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