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Serial killers on the internet


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Serial killers on the internet


The book serial killers on the internet placed us on a reading spree. We bought several books by Eileen Ormsby without knowing if her books would be down our alley. However, we found that most of the books we have read thus far have managed to keep us turning page after page, book after book.

The titles and descriptions of Eileen Ormsby´s books made us purchase a bunch of her work. As we mentioned in our latest review, we might dislike a book, but that doesn´t stop us from reading other authors’ work. You can read our previous review here.

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Book information

Title: – serial killers on the internet

Star rating: 5 stars

Genre: True Crime

Release date: April 29, 2020

Pages: 270 pages 

Price: Approximately 6.24 – 11.99 $ 

Note: The book price depends on where you buy it and the format of the book. Besides, the price might change after I’ve written this review. 

Publisher: Dark webs

ISBN-10: 0648882705

ISBN-13: 978-0648882701

Author: Eileen Ormsby


Eileen Ormsby: is an Australian author and journalist. Eileen has penned several books about the dark side of the internet. In her books, we learn about lurkers on dating sites, Silk Road, scammers; one would say she covers every inch of the darkness in her books. Ormsby started a blog in 2012; her blog is all about what is going on on the dark web. If you want to visit her blog, “All things vise,” you can find a direct link right here.


Serial killers on the internet

We bought the book because the title is really catching, and the cases Eileen Ormsby looks into are a telltale of how perpetrators might be lurking for their victims behind your screen while you sit at home feeling safe.

In serial killers on the internet, you will learn that lurkers are everywhere. Like a shark, they are looking for their prey. Most of us don´t give this much thought; however, these predators are everywhere online. Just think about it would you trust a dating app or site?


Pros and cons


Eileen Ormsby takes us on a grisly and gory tour through the dark side of the internet in her book serial killers on the internet. The amount of information she manages to place into 270 pages is huge.

Ormsby tells about different cases some of you might have heard about while others will be totally new for you. Most true-crime aficionados have heard about 1 lunatic 1 icepick, a snuff movie made by infamous Luka Magnotta. However, how have you heard about 3 guys 1 hammer? This as awful a crime as the one committed by Magnotta.

The amount of research Eileen has done to write this book has been massive. Her writing style is modern and easygoing. Her wording is catching, and the cases she covers are gripping, so it was a book that I read quite fast as it was had to put down.


When we take a look at cons when it comes to serial killers on the internet, I didn´t find any cons with this book; however, when I look at the book and readers in general, one needs to be aware that this book isn´t for all due to the gory details; therefore, it would be a good idea especially if you are new to the genre real crime to notice this is a book that describes crimes into tiny details. Therefore, it would not be a book for the faint of heart or the first read in its genre.

Graphic content

Some readers of actual crime events do not like graphic content in any shape or form, whether pictures or in describing a murder case. Therefore, please note that this book might not be a read for you if you’re faint at heart, as serial killers on the internet are in every detail a graphic read. Moreover, there is no graphic picture content in the book.

Overall summary of The schoolgirl strangler serial killers on the internet are an interesting look into a corner of the internet. Most of us have only heard small snippets about; therefore, I find the book a fascinating read. If you have ever thought about taking a trip into the deep dark web, this book will be a must-read for you as well as if you think the internet is a safe place, think twice.


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