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Mind Games: Inside the Serial Killer Phenomenon

Mind Games: Inside the Serial Killer Phenomenon
Published: Octorber 4, 2018

Mind Games: Inside the Serial Killer Phenomenon

About the author:

Paul Harrison is a former police officer from Great Britain. Mr. Harrison has become known in both the real crime community as well as the fiction community. Harrison has studied the criminal mind for more than four decades.



Mind Games: Inside the Serial Killer Phenomenon made med emotional while listening to the audiobook. I guess it might be because Mr. Harrison is telling about his childhood, and that made me think about mine. And even though our abuse as children are quite different, some similarities just hit home.

What I especially like about this book is that Paul Harrison speaks about his experience and how he became a lot of knowledge by studying his father. As a victim of child abuse, Paul began figuring out what triggered his dad. And Mr. Harrison has used this knowledge to help solve crimes as a policeman.

Mr. Harrison is questioning the academic studies about the criminal mind. And I have to agree with him on some points as I believe adult victims of child abuse have some valuable knowledge that you can´t find in any books. But I think a mix of academic studies combined with information form adult victims of child abuse might be an excellent combination. But this is just me and my thoughts on this particular subject.

Paul Harrison shares bits and pieces from interviews he has made with some of the most notorious criminals in our time. To mention a few – Harrison talked with serial killer John Wayne Gacy and Charles Manson even though Manson isn´t a serial killer, it is interesting to learn about the conversation between the two men.

Trough out the book we hear about different cases but to me; it seems a little blurry if Mr. Harrison has been speaking to all of the killers he is mentioning in the book

I liked this book, but I missed hearing more in-depth about Mr. Harrisons, MO, to catch predators. I hope he will write an in-depth book about this subject in the future. I definitely will be in line to get a copy

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