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Member of the family – Manson murder and me

Member of the family - Manson murder and me
Published: October 24, 2017

Member of the family – Manson murder and me

About the author:

Dianne Lake was born in 1953. She became infamous as the youngest member of the Manson family. Dianne joined the Manson family at the age of fourteen. After an arrest in 1969, Dianne started a new life. Mrs. Lake has become a special-education teacher. In 2017 she could write an author on her CV with the release of Member of the family – Manson murder and me.


I will say, “Member of the family – Manson murder and me.” is well written and filled with information. In her book, Dianne gives the reader raw details on her life on Span Ranch. And she lets us know how she saw Manson as a man and as a mentor. But she also reveals some of the tactics the “family” used to fascinate and capture people. Probably one of the reasons why Charles Manson even after he passed away in 2017 keeps fascinating people

Mrs. Lake tells about the acid trips they had. And she lets us into how Manson provided his female followers with “sexual education” In some cases, the book gets a little graphic, but I think that gives good sense all in all with the content and the rest of the book.

In her book, Dianne debunked so rumors about her family handling her over to Charles Manson. And she tells how she meets Charlie and the family and how she joined the cult.

As a “Manson girl,” Dianne was nicknamed Dianne Snake Lake. She lifts the veil to how she became that nickname. But Mrs. Lake also shares her feelings toward the other girls in the “family” especially those who went on a killing spree as a proxy for Charlie Manson. The most mentioned murder is the killing of pregnant Sharon Tate; she was the wife of Roman Polanski. Two other names that are discussed often are Rosemary and Leno LaBianca. But we have to remember all the victims. Jay Sebring, Abigail Folger, Wojciech Frykowshi, and Steven Parent.

We receive an exciting look at when Manson met Dennis Wilson from the Beach Boys. And of course “Helter Skelter” the song by the Beatles gets mentioned.

At the end of the book, Dianne tells about her life today.

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