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Looking for Madeleine

Looking for Madeline
Published: March 16, 2019

Looking for Madeleine

About the author:

Anthony Summers: is born 21 December 1942. He is a British journalist and author. He has written books is different genres like fiction books. And he is known for his conspiracy theories because of Marilyn Monroe´s death.

Robbyn Swan: is the co-author to some of Mr. Summers books. Swan and Summers live in Ireland.



When I began listening to the audible edition of Looking for Madeleine, I have to admit I was not impressed. But as I got deeper into the book, it became very captivating, and it was hard to stop listening. I found myself liking this book, what I didn´t expect because of the dry beginning.

While listening, I figured out the book is an update for a previously released book by the same name, Looking for Madeleine. It was a bit annoying because I have the book in a printed version. I just haven´t unpacked it yet. My bad this is how it goes when you can´t get enough of real crime books.

Mr. Summers and Mrs. Swan dragged me into the case in a way I didn´t expect because of the many explanations they give. I know some will call the book biassed, and that was my first thought as well. But as I progressed in listening, I changed my mind.

The author couple makes it clear from the beginning that their book has been written independently of Gerry and Kate McCann. And they explain how they had to dodge not to interfere with the investigation.

Even though I follow the case, I must have missed or forgotten some of the information shared. As I found myself finding some info, I wasn´t aware of.

In looking for Madeleine, Summers and Swan look into a different aspect of the case. They tell about the book “The Truth of the lie” by Marcell. And look into some of the allegations in the book. I have read the book by Marcell, so it is interesting to get a new view of the situation. Summers and Swan look into how the Maddie case got connected to Prince Charles. And they share with us the outlook from profilers like Pat Brown and John Douglas. Mr. Douglas is well known for the Netflix series “Mind Hunter.

Please remember this is a review of the book and not of the case nor the McCann´s 

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