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I let him go

I let him go
Published: January 25, 2018

I let him go

About the author:

Denise Fergus is the mother of murder victim James Bulgar. James was only 2-years-old when he became abducted by two 10-year-old boys who tortured and murdered him. The awful murder happened in 1993 when James got kidnapped from a shopping center. Even though the killing occurred in the early 90´s Mrs. Fergus still shows up in the media because one of her son’s killers keeps committing crimes. Since the fatal February day in 1993, Denise has remarried, and today she is the mother of three adult sons. In January 2017 Denise Fergus became the British Citizen award. She published her book “I let him go” in 2018


With her book “I let him go” Denise Fergus gives her readers chilling insight into her nightmare. The cold day in 1993 where she lost her baby boy, James Bulger.

Mrs. Fergus is very open in her book. And she provides her readers with interesting facts and debunks rumors.

The book is a heartbreaking read. But you will get insight into many details about the Bulgar family. And a very detailed description of the kidnapping and murder of James. In “I let him go” Denise gives her version of how come she hand her then-husband, Ralph split. As a reader, you will get to know who comes Denise is always the parent on the “front pages” I know some have wondered how come Ralph Bulger never showed up in the media as Denise does. But the book will give you an idea to the question

And Mrs. Fergus explains why she doesn´t like people calling James the nickname Jamie.

Denise debunked the rumor that she wants revenge on Jon Venables and Robert Thompson. The two boys who abducted, tortured and killed her son James Bulger in 1993.

I listened to the audible version of the book. And sadly in some spots, the narrator sounds a bit robotic. But this is the only complain I have about the book. This book is worth reading for people who know the case as well as those who don´t know about it

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