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Highway of Tears Victims

Highway of Tears Victims

Highway of Tears

In today’s review, you can join me on a walk along the Highway of Tears. This book takes an in-depth look into the Highway of Tears Victims.

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Book information

Title: Highway of Tears

Genre: True Crime

Release date: November 12, 2019

Pages: 352

Publisher: Atria Books

ISBN10: 1501160281

ISBN13: 1501160281

Author: Jessica McDiarmid


Jessica McDiarmid is a journalist who lives in British Columbia. She has written for different publications like Toronto Star, the Associated Press, and others. Her book Highway of Tears is her debut book as an author.


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Highway of Tears Victims

Highway of Tears

The book Highway of Tears is a well-researched piece of work that brings awareness to the Highway of Tears victims. In Highway of Tears Jessica McDiarmid spreads light into the mysterious disappearances of indigenous women and girls who went missing along Highway 16

With her book Highway of Tears, Jessica gives her readers an in-depth look into the lives of the Highway of Tears victims. We as readers get to know who those women and girls were. The author describes some of the Highway of Tears victims from birth until their disappearance.


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The Highway of Tears victims

In Highway of Tears, the author, Jessica McDiarmid walks us through the lives of some of the women and girls who went missing along Highway 16 in British Columbia, Canada also known as the Highway of Tears

I have randomly picked some names because this is just a small selection of all the victims Jessica shares details about:

Alberta Williams

Ramona Wilson

Delphine Nikal

Roxanne Thiara

Alishia Germaine

Nicole Hoar

* Anne Nikal

Aielah Saric Auger

If you want to know more about the Highway of Tears victims, you find more information here or take a look at Highway of Tears The Canadian Encyclopedia here. On CBSNews, you can find pictures and information about some of the missing women and girls. The link for their page you see right here


What I liked about the book:

Now let me tell you what I liked about this book. I liked how the author looked into racism against indigenous women and girls who sadly became Highway of Tears victims. Besides, I love the way Jessica McDiarmid examines each case in detail and gives her readers the opportunity of getting to know who these women and girls were. Besides, Jessica makes a good point when she compares how the cases of the missing and murdered indigenous Highway of Tears victims got handled to the non-indigenous victims.

An in-depth look

Because of Jessica McDiarmid’s in-depth look into the lives of these women and girls, we get a good idea of who they were and how much their families have suffered. All the information about the cases that get provided in the book gives the reader a new perspective of the seriousness of how important it is putting effort into making Highway 16 a much safer place.


It was engaging learning about different killers who gets looked into as suspects like Robert Pickton. Bobby Jack Fowler and Garry Taylor Handlen


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What I disliked about the book:

Even though I place Highway of Tears among my picks of valuable reads, there were small details that didn´t excite me. Now let´s look into what I didn´t like about Highway of Tears. Because of the flow in the book, it made it a little hard getting though as it made the book feels long-drawn, besides there were many dry spots. And I would have loved if Jessica would have mentioned the connection between the people she speaks about more often than only in the beginning as it was a bit difficult keeping up with as many names as mentioned in these tragic cases.


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The amount of information on the Highway of Tears victims the author provides evens out all my dislikes to the book. Jessica McDiarmid manages to give the Highway of Tears victims names and faces; they are no longer a number in a line of cold cases; they were daughters, sisters, cousins they were loved.

More Highway of Tears victims

Besides, the book reveals that murders along the Highway of Tears aren´t a glimpse of the past. The latest disappearances Jessica McDiarmid reports were Frances Brown, who went missing in 2017. Late in 2018, Jessica Partick was found dead whereby shortly after Cindy Martin went missing along Highway 16, aka Highway of Tears.

Not for all

Highway of Tears might not be a book for you if you expect a read with a smooth flow in the wording. Furthermore, the book has an important message. The subject is as relevant today as it was when the first women and girls began to go missing.


*Anne Nikal and Frances Brown

It wasn´t possible for me finding a link for information about Anne Nikal or Frances Brown; if you have a link I could share on my page, it would be beneficial. You can message me via Facebook if you have any information that would be valuable for readers to know. Please contact me right here

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