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Danny Corvin the serial killer next door

Danny Corvin, the serial killer next door

The Demon Next Door


Danny Corvin, the serial killer next door

The Demon Next Door

In the book The Demon Next Door, the author Bryan Burrough tells about his former classmate Danny Corvin, who became a predatory serial killer who left his victims raped, mutilated, and dead.


Book information

Title: The Demon Next Door

Star rating: 3 stars

Genre: True Crime

Release date: February 28, 2019

Pages: 2 hours and 45 min (audiobook)

Price: Approximately $ 6.49 – 19.99

Note: The book price depends on where you buy it and the format of the book. Besides, the price might change after I’ve written this review.

Publisher: Audible Originals


Author: Bryan Burrough


 Bryan Burrough: is an American author who has penned several books. Mr. Burrough was born on August 13, 1961, in Tennessee. Bryan was a former classmate of Serial Killer Danny Corvin, and in the book The Demon next Door, Bryan tells about the life of Danny and his evil deeds.


Danny Corvin, a serial killer next door

The Serial Killer Next Door


In the audible book The Serial Killer Next Door we learn about an almost forgotten serial killer named Danny Corvin. We get to know how Corvin started his vicious killing spree and how he left a victim for dead. Due to victim-blaming, the serial killer in the making got seen as no threat to society. If the first attack had been taken seriously, it might have saved the victims from dying at the hands of Danny Lee Corvin.


Pros and cons


The Serial Killer Next Door is a short book about Danny Lee Corvin; however, the book is well covered with information.

Serial Killer Danny Corvin is not a killer that rings that many bells in contrast if we look at other serial killers like Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, or John Wayne Gacy; therefore, the case of Danny Lee Corvin might be unheard of for some true-crime readers. Corvin is not a serial killer I´ve heard about until I picked up this book. It would be interesting to drop a comment telling me if you have heard of Danny Lee Corvin.


Even though I found the information and the case of Danny Covin quite interesting, it was hard getting through the book as it was dull.

At the end of the book, the author says that there is only one-page offering information about the Danny Corvin case; however, I found several pages mentioning Danny Lee Corvin. I will share some of them with you on this page. The links for the information is under Helpful links.

The writing of The Demon Next Door

When I listened to The Demon Next Door, I found it very dull, so it was not my first choice when deciding which book I would like to pick and continue reading. I have to mention I often read more than one book at a time.

That I found the book dull had nothing to do with the narrator, who did a great job; it was all about the book’s wording, which I found flat and ordinary. I missed some passion from the author when he wrote this book. However, getting to know the case was interesting; therefore, I give it 3 stars.


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