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Dangerous ground my friendship with a serial killer

Dangerous ground my friendship with a serial killer
Published: July 25, 2017

Dangerous ground my friendship with a serial killer

About the author:

Dangerous ground my friendship with a serial killer. A lot of people might know M William Phelps from the TV series “Dark Minds.”  Mr. Phelps created, produced and even took part in the series. Besides being an author M William Phelps has starred in different TV shows. Like “Dangerous women,” “Snapped” by Oxygen, “Killer Post” and “Killer Couples” Mr. Phelps has been in more than 100 TV shows. And he has written at least thirty-one books


In his book, “Dangerous Ground – my friendship with a serial killer.” You will get a good glimpse into who M William Phelps is behind the “facade.” I have always thought of Mr. Phelps as the cool guy. On the hunt for the truth on a spree to make justice for victims.

When looking at Phelps in “Dark Minds,” he seems like a tough guy. But in “Dangerous Ground – My friendship with a serial killer” you will get a deep look into the man. You will get to know the man behind the “character” from the TV series.

In the book, you learn about Phelps from childhood until he became an adult. He reveals sites of himself never heard off before. And he even lets us into his struggles in life

There have been speculations to if the serial killer named “Raven” in the series “Dark Minds” actually is a person or just fiction for the TV show. In the book, Phelps reveals the identity of the serial killer behind the nickname. And he turns out to be very real.

You will learn how easy it is for a serial killer like “Raven” to get under the skin of Mr. Phelps. And even play mind games with Phelps.

The book is hard to put down and it is well written. The only complaint I have is I read it too fast because it was so interesting.

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