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Black Dahlia – Red Rose

Black Dahlia - Red Rose
Published: October 10, 2017

Black Dahlia – Red Rose

About the author:

Piu Eatwell lives in France a city most people think about as the city of romance, Paris. Piu is married and the mother of two children. She has written some different narrative nonfiction books. In 2017 her book “Black Dahlia – Red Rose” became a book of the year in “Times.”


From time to time authors walk that extra mile doing some considerable research before they release their book and I have to say Piu Eatwell is one of those authors. I´m amazed by how much research she has done. She provides her readers with even tiny details from the case

The book was such an exciting and fascinating read. I wish it had been possible to curl up with a blanket and coffee just reading the book in one “huge bite.” I felt dragged into the investigation like Watson following Holmes. And in my opinion, there were no dry spots at all which is quite uncommon. It is a challenge to write primarily about real events without some dry places.

Black Dahlia – Red Rose was almost like watching a documentary. With help from professionals, Piu lets us join her investigation. The book starts by telling about who Elizabeth Short was. As well as we get information to how she got her nickname “The Black Dahlia.” At the time there were other “flower cases” like “The white Gardenia.” It was the murder victim, Ora Murray who got that nickname.

With a graphic description, the book provides us with a possible crime scene. A room at the Aster Motel was reportedly left very messy.

We get information to why people thought the killing was a coverup

I found it very chilling to learn that a prime suspect named his daughter Elizabeth. With this book, you will receive well-researched information

If you are ready to jump back in time to investigate the case with Mrs. Eatwell, this is your chance

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