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A Serial Killer´s Daughter: My Story of Faith, Love and overcoming

A Serial Killer´s Daughter: My Story of Faith, Love and overcoming
Published: 29 January,2019

A Serial Killer´s Daughter: My Story of Faith, Love and overcoming

About the author:

Kerri Rawson lives with her husband, two children and her two cats in Michigan. Kerri is the daughter of the infamous BTK serial killer. Whose real names is Dennis Rader. After the shocking revelation that her father is a serial killer, Kerri has become an advocate for victims of crime, trauma, and abuse.



A serial Killer´s Daughter: My Story of Faith, Love and overcoming is a book about a daughter getting to know her father is the infamous serial killer BTK. Kerri takes us back to her childhood. She tells about how the man we all know as BTK is her dad. And how he, Dennis Rader, was as a father for her and her brother.

The book deals with seeing Mr. Rader from a child’s perspective. But Kerri also tells about her feelings as she figures out who her dad is a serial killer. Figuring out she had been living on a lie all her life.

Unknowingly Dennis Rader placed fear into his daughter from a very early age while he went on his murderous sprees.

The book gives us a glimpse into how Mr. Rader was as a husband. Kerri gives a very detailed description of a hike she had with her dad when she was a child. And we learn how the family regrets not reporting some incidents where Dennis attacked the family son, Brian, whom he did try to strangle twice in a fit of rage. Kerri mentions that if they had made a report, it might have saved some of his victims.

It is chilling to learn how Dennis Rader was reading actual crime books just like you and me. And it gets even more chilling learning how he had hidden murder notes in those real crime books.

Between the lines, you can spot the hallmarks of a dysfunctional family. But every “red flag” stayed behind closed doors as usual in most dysfunctional families.

Halfway through the book, Kerri begins having conversations with God. And the closer you get to the end of the book, her conversations increases. I found it a bit annoying when the narrator mimicked God´s replies to Kerri. The book would do much better, leaving out at least the answers from God.

But all in all, an exciting insight into the family life of the serial killer we all know as BTK.

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