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A serial killer on the hunt for school girls

A serial killer on the hunt for schoolgirls

The schoolgirl strangler

2-star rating

A serial killer on the hunt for schoolgirls

The schoolgirl strangler

Our latest true crime pick is about a serial killer on the hunt for schoolgirls. So today, we will take a deep dive into The Schoolgirl strangler by Katherine Kovacic. We find inspiration to our book pick from different sources, and from time to time, we randomly stumble upon a title and content we find interesting. If you don´t want to miss out on any book review by us, please join our small community here.


Book information

Title: The schoolgirl strangler

Star rating: 2 stars

Genre: True Crime

Release date: January 5, 2021

Pages: 292 pages 

Price: Approximately 8.99 – 29.28 $ 

Note: The book price depends on where you buy it and the format of the book. Besides, the price might change after I’ve written this review.

Publisher: Echo


Author: Katherine Kovacic


Katherine Kovacic: besides true crime, Katherine has penned several fiction books. She has a Ph.D. in art history, and she has a big heart for dogs. To learn more about Katherine Kovacic, please follow the link.


A serial killer on the hunt for schoolgirls

The schoolgirl strangler


I bought The Schoolgirl strangler because I found it interesting taking a deep dive into a historical case about a serial killer who aimed for little schoolgirls as his victims. It would be interesting to get more information on how serial killers were handled back in the 1930s as people thought that an adult man harming and killing little girls would be doubtful. However, this historical case shows us otherwise.

We get a tiny look at how police worked in the 1930s vs. how they would have been working today. And we even get to know how victim-blaming isn´t a new phenomenon; it has been there for ages. We are talking about little girls who got blamed for their faith getting killed by a disturbed predator.


Pros and cons


With the Schoolgirl strangler, the author, Katherine Kovacic, has done tremendous research on each case. She has really taken her time looking into both the little victims and the serial killer who so coldhearted took the lives of these little girls.

Besides, Katherine Kovacic makes an effort to share some information about the victims’ families that is always a huge plus in my book as we get to know the victims better that way.

It is clear that the author had every good intention when writing her book, and besides, she managed to share some interesting historical information. However, I have to admit the book wasn´t quite down my alley.  More about that later, so please stay tuned to the end of the post.


The book was arid and not gripping, and the writing was a bit too monotone for my taste. I found it hard to pick up The Schoolgirl strangler to continue reading. I found myself procrastinating on other books while I still had this book on my mind as a book I really would like to finish.

Graphic content

Some readers of actual crime events do not like graphic content in any shape or form may it be pictures or in describing a murder case. Therefore, please note that this book might not be a read for you if you’re faint at heart, as The Schoolgirl strangler by Katherine Kovacic is a graphic read.

Overall summary of The schoolgirl strangler

With the Schoolgirl strangler, we get a look at how victim-blaming was and still is a problem. We learn how police took care of a serial killer and how doctors etc., looked upon a man who could kill little girls.

Oh no, only two stars

Sadly, I have to rate The Schoolgirl strangler with two stars only as I honestly didn´t think it was a gripping book, and the overall view was a dull read.

This is the first time I rate a book this low, and it is definitely not my pleasure, but I want to be totally honest about the book review, so sadly, this is how it has to be.

However, the two-star rating does not mean I would not buy another book by Katherine Kovacic. Just because The Schoolgirl strangler wasn´t down my alley, it doesn´t mean other books penned by her would all be books I wasn´t keen on. It has happened before; during my many years of reading, I read a book that just wasn´t for me, and then I find an awesome read by the same author, and that book got glued to my hands until I´ve turned the last page.

And for the record, this is a review of the hard work the author has done; it´s not a review of the writer – sadly, some people tend to think that a not stunning review is because we as reviewer don´t like an author and that is at on Noir Crime never the case. We review the work, not the person.

Again this is my point of view, but you might have read the book and found it was an awesome read, or even though you have read this review, you might still be curious and still want to read the book.

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