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When a serial killer came through the window

When a serial killer came through the window

Thtough the Windown

5 stars

When a serial killer came through the window

Through the window


When I pick my reads for Noir Crime, I find inspiration from different sources; however, I randomly stumbled upon “when a serial killer came through the window” while searching for true crime books. The book is titled Trough the Window by Diane Fanning. It wasn’t easy to pick one of her books among all the titles she has written, so, to be honest with you guys, I picked more than this book. However, you have to be patient to receive the next review as I have so many books on my reading list, so please stay tuned. Not to miss out on any reviews, please join our true crime book community here.



Book information

Title: Through the window

Star rating: 5 stars

Genre: True Crime

Release date: April 1, 2007

Pages: 268 pages 

Price: Approximately $ 6.99 -12.74

Note: The book price depends on where you buy it and the format of the book. Besides, the price might change after I’ve written this review.

Publisher: St. Martin’s True Crime

ASIN: B003E74A8Y

Authors: Diane Fanning


Diane FanningIs an American true-crime writer who was born June 21, 1950. Fanning has penned 14 actual crime books. Besides, Diane has appeared on TV shows like Deadly women. 20/20, among others. With nothing less than 14 nonfiction crime books on her plate, she is an experienced writer.


When a serial killer came through the window

Trough the window


We believe we are safe and sound when we are behind closed doors at our homes; however, Through the Window, Diane Fanning learns us otherwise. Who would expect a serial killer to turn up in your home brutally killing your daughter and leaving her best friend for dead?  A scenario like this is what nightmares are made of, and we would tend to think it would be horror movie potential, right?

However, in Through the Window, we learn that this became a reality. Mr. and Mrs. Harris didn´t hear how a man came through a window in their house and brutally killed their 13-year-old daughter Kaylene Harris (Kaylene Harris had the nickname Katy); when he so coldhearted had killed Katy, he turned to her best friend Krystal Surles who in terror had watched how the unknown man had killed Katy in cold blood and mutilated her body with 16 stab wounds.

Krystal Surles knew the man would kill her in the same horrific manner he had killed Katy. Even though the serial killer attacked the girl and slit her throat, she managed to escape and get help. It was too late for Katy; however, Krystal survived as she played dead. Krystal, only 10-years old at the time, managed to identify her attacker. The brave little girl even testified against the unknown man in court.



Pros and cons


Even though Through the Window is one of the more chilling books I have read, I find the message we get from reading the book very important. We will never know if somebody is lurking at us, even when we feel most secure. The book is one of those books you will find hard to put down. Through the Window was differently glued to my hands from cover to cover.

Diane Fanning has done tremendous research before penning the book. At the end of the book, the serial killer Tommy Lynn Sells has made a written statement, especially for the book Through the Window. The statement written by Mr. Sells is both chilling and interesting at the same time.


This is the first time I have to write this, but with Through the Window, I found no cons.


Graphic content

Some readers of actual crime events do not like graphic content in any shape or form may it be pictures or in describing a murder case. Therefore please note if you’re faint at heart, this book might not be a read for you as Through the Window by Diane Fanning has lots of graphic descriptions when it comes to the killings of Tommy Lynn Sells´victims.


Overall summary of Through the Window

When it comes to real crime, some people think those interested in a subject like this must be nuts or deranged; however, I´ve learned that many of us have different reasons for becoming interested in the subject. And besides, I think that we can learn from the past. I have even heard from people who have been victims of violence themselves and therefore began to be interested in real crime events.

Through the Window is a reminder that even though we feel safe, we should never let down our guards no matter where we are. A book as well researched and penned as this should be read by as many true crime aficionados as possible.

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