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How does our rating system work

We give books 1-5 star ratings. When we started doing book reviews, we just did 1-3 star ratings. As people began noticing our site, we got asked to do 1-2 star ratings; hence we decided to make ratings with fewer stars.

Second question and answer by Noir Crime

Do we ever give up on reading a book?

The answer to the question is undoubted. Maybe our book reviewer reads more than 30- 90% of a book and then decides the book just wasn´t for her. Because of our new measure with the 1-2 star rating, a book where the reading rate is 90%, a book like this would get a one or 2-star rating.

Most noteworthy is that our reviewer would never do a mean review even though the book receives just a 1-2 star rating. Taking the authors down is not the purpose of the Noir Crime book review page.

Third question and answer by Noir Crime

Do we get books for free?

We believe exchanging books for reviews will always make the reviewer biased. Being biased to a review does not always consider money; a person who receives something in exchange for something will always be a little biased. Moreover, we know some people will not agree with this philosophy.

Fourth question and answer by Noir Crime

Can authors buy a review from Noir Crime?

Defiantly not. Our reviews are not for sale. The reviews you find on our webpage is written to inform readers about good books. We do not sell reviews in any shape or form; therefore, you can´t find our reviews elsewhere than on our webpage. You might see some stars rated on GoodReads; however, to read the reviews we do people have to visit our website

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