Our star rating system

How does our rating system work?

Our rating system at Noir Crime book reviews goes from 1-star to 5-stars.

Do we ever give up on reading a book?

From time to time, our book reviewer reads more than 90% of a book to give it a try, but if it still doesn´t catch her, she will put it down. On other occasions, she reads more than 50% of a book put it down because, for some reason or another, she would not be able making a fair review of the book at the time; this could be due to a lot of other books waiting in line or personal matters, etc. In those cases, she will pick up the book again and begin from scratch.

Do we get book for free?

No, we do NOT do reviews in exchange for a free book.

We believe exchanging books for a review will always, one way or the other, end up being a biased review even some might not agree with us on that philosophy.

  • Our books get bought from different websites.
  • Used books are another way we get access to valuable reads
  • Or we borrow books from the library

Our reviewer reads good old fashioned hardback books and paperbacks, Kindle, other ebooks, Audiobooks.

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