General information about Noir Crime

General information about Noir Crime book reviews

Here we want to give you some general information about Noir Crime book reviews.

Finding the best books

Furthermore, though we do our best to find the best books on the market for you, some of the books we recommend might not be down your alley; everything depends on who the readers are.

However, we will do our best to make it easier for our fellow bookworms to fumble around the jungle of real crime books by providing you with as many book reviews as possible. If you want to jump right into our reviews, you can find all of them here.

Worth your money and time

Today it´s easy to call yourself an author and release a book. Incredibly, a lot of talented people out there can publish books.

However, this also makes it a jungle to find books that are well researched rather only written for gaining money .

At Noir Crime, we will do our best to pick and choose to find the best reads you can find. With our new measure where we do 1-2 star reviews, it will be easier for you to decide what to read.

Please keep in mind our intention with Noir Crime book reviews is not to take any author down in any shape or form.

At Noir Crime, we are proud to be an independent site that provides you with 100% non-affiliated book reviews. Furthermore, our site is 100% free from advertisements

We hope you find our general information about Noir crime book reviews useful. If you would like to, you can join us at the:

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