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Satanic Panic in New Jersey

Satanic Panic in New Jersey Satanic Panic in New Jersey Death on the Devil´s Teeth: The Strange Murder That Shocked Suburban New Jersey  When I read about Death on the Devil´s Teeth, it was said to have the same similarity with Satanic Panic as the West Memphis Three case, so I bought the book without any second thoughts. And today, I want to reveal my thinking about the book so grab a coffee or whatever…

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Books with 4 stars Unsloved

A book of chilling unsloved murders

A book of chilling unsolved murders Unsolved murders: True crime cases uncovered   In Unsolved murders: True Crime cases uncovered you receive a book with 22 chilling unsolved murders from different countries. Some cases you might have heard about while other killings are historical crimes.   Book information Title: Unsolved Murders: True crime cases uncovered Star rating: 4 stars Genre: True Crime Release date: February 5, 2020 Pages: 175 (hardcover length) Price: Approximately $ 7.99 – 15.06 Note: The book price depends…

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