Books with 4 stars The Black Dahlia Unsloved

A book of chilling unsloved murders

A book of chilling unsolved murders Unsolved murders: True crime cases uncovered   In Unsolved murders: True Crime cases uncovered you receive a book with 22 chilling unsolved murders from different countries. Some cases you might have heard about while other killings are historical crimes.   Book information Title: Unsolved Murders: True crime cases uncovered Star rating: 4 stars Genre: True Crime Release date: February 5, 2020 Pages: 175 (hardcover length) Price: Approximately $ 7.99 – 15.06 Note: The book price depends…

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Books with 5 stars Charles Manson Cults Gift ideas Israel Keys Serial Killers The Black Dahlia

The best book gifts for Christmas 2019

The best book gifts for Christmas 2019 It can be quite challenging to find the right actual crime book to give as a gift; therefore, I will provide you with the best book gifts for Christmas 2019. I have to admit it has been complicated to pick only five books among the reviews I have done thus far. If you are new to my site, please read below how our reviews and recommendations work. If…

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