About Noir Crime and our book reviewer

We will begin by telling you a bit about Noir Crime and our book reviewer, Anniqa

On our site, we offer you book reviews of nonfiction books, mainly in the genre of true crime. Because it is a considerable interest for our reviewer, you might find some academic book suggestions about the criminal mind as well.

Our book reviewer Anniqa has reviewed books for quite a lot of years. One could say she is an experienced reviewer. But due to some personal matters, she had a break from the book review/real crime community for a couple of years. But now she is back. Ready to provide you with suggestions for the best real crime books that you will find on the market. Be assured if you don´t see a book here. Either Anniqa hasn´t read it, or the book just wasn´t for her.

Who is Anniqa?

Anniqa is a woman who, at the age of 7, began having an interest in real crime.

She was growing up with just a few channels on the television. Her favorite channels became German channels. And even though she is born and raised in Denmark, she could speak fluent German at the age of 6. On the German media, she watched a lot of real crime shows. She tells at; first, it scared her – no wonder.

With her interest in true crime came an interest in psychology. And then, she began to study dysfunctional family patterns and how this might go hand in hand with crime.

Because of Anniqa´s interest in the criminal mind and the psychology behind crimes, you might find reviews on psychology and criminal profiling books too. However, those books will not be represented as much as our ordinary real crime book reviews

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